What to do when your wallet has been stolen

So you think that you might have lost your wallet huh? If you did in fact lose it and someone else has gotten their hands on it, you may have little time to lose before your money, personal information, and other important items are taken to you. If you’re wondering what should you do if your wallet has been stolen, keep these tips in mind.Click over here now¬†social security card is lost.

Report It
If you’ve lost your wallet, or purse, report it to the police immediately. While they may not be able to help you at that exact moment, they can provide you with a police report which you can then give to your bank, insurance company, credit card company, or anyone else who needs proof that your wallet was indeed stolen.

Cancel Your Cards
If you had any credit cards, debit cards, or other types of charge cards in your wallet at the time when you think it was stolen, cancel them. Getting a new card is much easier than tracking down any mischievous charges that were placed on your account after someone got their hands on your card. Cancelling your cards will allow you to get new numbers so the stolen ones can’t be used by unauthorized parties.

Bank Accounts
Chances are you probably had some bank related information stored away in your wallet. If you had account numbers or any other information that would now make your accounts vulnerable, be sure to talk to your bank and either have the accounts closed completely or have all activity blocked until you can put the proper security measures (changing PIN numbers, passwords, etc.) in place to prevent future misuse of your accounts.

Your ATM Card
If you had an ATM card in your wallet at the time when it was stolen, be sure to get a new card with a new account number and a new pin. Banks can issue new account numbers in a matter of seconds and cancel old account numbers on cards that have been stolen. Instead of running the risk of losing a whole bunch of cash, don’t delay when taking these critical security measures.

Driver License
Your driver license is just as important as credit cards, debit cards, and any other banking or credit card information that you may have had on you at the time. Be sure to contact the DMV as soon as possible to let them know that your wallet was stolen. The DMV can issue you a new driver’s license with a new license number and cancel your old license number so nobody else can use it. This will keep you from becoming a victim of identity theft, and will help you avoid a huge headache down the road.

Secure Your Wallet
If you want to avoid losing your wallet in the future, there are a number of things that you can do to prevent it from happening. First of all, keep it in a safe place such as locked luggage, a pocket with securely fastened buttons, or use a chain wallet to keep it securely fastened to your pants, jacket, or luggage.