Types Of Smoke Damage In Phoenix, Arizona

Most of us doesn’t know smoke damage and what it can do to our home or office. Fire damage, big or small can leave a mark and stain to our walls, ceiling or furniture. It can be very devastating to deal with fire damage, witnessing something you work hard get burned and destroyed. ServiceMaster by Wright has been providing restoration and repair services in Southwest Florida since 1978. When you experienced a fire in your place or establishment it is important that you call a trusted and experienced restoration and repair company like ServiceMaster after a fire has been put out. Smoke damage causes black marks and discoloration to your walls and ceiling. There are five types of smoke damage and should be dealt with as soon as possible.If you’re looking for more tips, Smoke Damage in Phoenix, Arizona has it for you.

Five Type of Smoke Damage

-Dry Smoke Residue is dry, powdery and does not smear much. Occurs during fast burning fires that burn at a high temperature.

-Wet Smoke Residue is sticky with unpleasant smell and can smear and difficult to clean. Occurs from slow smoldering fires with low heat.

-Protein Residue has a very strong odor, it is invisible and can discolor paints, varnishes and other finishes.

-Fuel and Oil Residue rarely comes from fire unless petroleum products have been stored . Most commonly fuel and oil residue comes from furnace puff backs that cause a fuel oil soot. This is sticky and difficult to clean.

-Fire Extinguisher Residue is sometimes a necessity, there are types of fire extinguisher that does not require clean-up after use only chemical fire extinguisher do. Cleaning of fire extinguisher residue can vary by the type of fire extinguisher used.