Purchase A New Motorcycle

When you buy a new motorcycle from a dealer, many benefits come with it unlike buying from eBay or Craigslist. This comes with various consideration, cost, and other things. As with many things, it isn’t a matter of right or wrong, however, but rather, which option proves best for you. To help you, we have compile how to buy a new motorcycle from a dealer without stress.

Step 1: Get Insurance Quotes

Most people tend to focus on the price of the motorcycle itself or the multitude of awesome motorcycle gear, accessories, and parts they want to immediately outfit themselves with. However, you shouldn’t wait until you’ve already signed on the dotted line to buy a motorcycle before you research insurance costs. If you are financing this new motorcycle, you will be required to carry full coverage. For younger riders, or those with some violations on their record, this part can get expensive in a hurry! We get more info on buying a motorcycle.

To keep costs lower, consider:

Lower displacement engines: Smaller bikes tend to equate to lower insurance rates.

You can often get a notable insurance discount with proof of training courses.

Shop around for competing quotes: Different companies classify different motorcycles, well, differently.

Of course, you can’t shop around for quotes until you know which motorcycle you want to buy. Here is where insurance can help you make a decision. It’s quite possible to be looking at two motorcycles that cost about the same but one could be 50 percent more costly to insure. Finding that out early can help you make a good buying decision and will let you know the true long-term cost of ownership

Step 2: Financing a motorcycle

There are advantages and disadvantages of financing your new motorcycle. Opinions differ, but debt does not have to be a bad thing if it is managed responsibly. For younger consumers, borrowing to buy your motorcycle (and making the payments on time!) can help establish a credit history and boost your credit score. In addition, financing reduces the likelihood that you will end up “bike poor,” by spending all of your money on the motorcycle itself and having minimal funds left to outfit yourself with the appropriate protective riding gear, insurance, parts, etc.

Step 3: Choose a dealership

A good motorcycle price doesn’t always equate to a good dealer. Before purchasing, you should search around. Research the reputation, reliability and overall service of dealerships near you. In the end, these dealerships tend to be communities unto themselves. You will want to know the village that you are buying into. Spend time there on weekends. See how the employees interact with customers on a daily basis. Show up for any events that the dealership is putting on locally.

The other steps include going through the motorcycle you want to buy, and determining the price.