Power Washing improves the value of your property – Benefits

If you own a power washing business there’s a lot of work to be had cleaning up before and after three-day weekends and holidays. There is always some group, church, agency, company, or organization having a big event, and they need their facilities power washed before, and after. Consider if you will a large shopping mall that expects massive crowds right after Thanksgiving, and all the way up through Christmas.this content

They obviously need those facilities looking spiffy, and the concrete looking great with no gum on the sidewalks. They also need parking structures cleaned, walkways, brick walls, and instant removal of any graffiti. Now then, if you own a pressure washing business and you want to make more money then you should have a strategy for holidays, each Holiday, and all the three-day weekends.

Before retirement I was in the power washing business, and we made all kinds of money during holidays such as Memorial Day cleaning tombstones for large cemeteries. Now you might think that’s rather ridiculous, and a “dead end job” – but it certainly isn’t if you are charging $.50 to $1.00 per tombstones, believe me that adds up quickly. And while I have you on this subject, I’d like to discuss some other strategies for you;

1. Holiday Preparation Jobs
2. Catch Up on Fleet Washing Contracts
3. Holiday Clean-up (Windows, Parks, Public Buildings)
4. Power Washing of Equipment for Companies that are Union

Cities have city parks, statues, squares, government buildings, and recreation areas. They have center medians, welcome signs, and joint projects with ballparks, swimming facilities, and such. All of which needs cleaning prior to big events, and then the clean up begins, and what a job that can be. Often cities, especially lately do not have the extra man power to do all the clean-up, and it’s much cheaper to hire someone who knows what they are doing with the right equipment to catch them back up to speed. You and your crew and pressure washers are just the ticket.

A good many power washers also clean fleet vehicles and it makes sense to catch up on your fleet cleaning when you have an extra day during a long weekend to get all that work completed. In fact, you might be able to get the work done even if you are short a crew member or two, due to the extra day and thus save yourself some labor. Speaking of labor unionized companies don’t want to pay triple time on holiday weekends so all of their equipment sits idle, a perfect time to clean it too. Please consider all this.