Lock Rekeying Service in Chula Vista – Some Insights

You have probably heard the term rekey mentioned before, but never really understood how it differs from installing a new lock. Rekey involves altering the existing lock by resetting the existing lock mechanism so that it can only opened with a new key.I strongly suggest you to visit Lock Rekeying Service in Chula Vista to learn more about this.Image result for Lock Rekeying Service in Chula Vista - Some Insights

Rekeying is recommended when moving to a new home or office, and is a great security solution that will keep old tenants, prior residents and disgruntled ex-employees who may still have a duplicate key off your property.
Rekeying works by manipulating upper and lower pins of a lock. When you insert a key into the lock, it pushes the pins into alignment, enabling you to open the door, so a locksmith can replace the lower pins with ones that fit perfectly along the ridges of a new key. This way, only that key will unlock the door, even with the existing lock still in place. It is a simple process that takes only minutes to accomplish.

If you have lost your keys this is another good reason to have your locks rekeyed, especially if you live in a large city such as San Jose, your keys could end who knows where and maybe in the hands of criminal. Having a locksmith San Jose service re key your locks will have you feeling safe and not sorry.

A lot of people also choose to have their locks rekeyed as a matter of convenience, thus making a number of locks accessible from a master key.

Re keying your locks really is an excellent option, not only is it one of the cheapest security services available to you, it also takes only a few minutes for a locksmith San Jose service to provide and will give you piece of mind.

But please remember for your security to have the work done by a professional locksmith San Jose service to ensure proper installation.