Important Things To Know About Auto Defects

According to nation-wide reports, more than six million car accidents occur on US roadways each year. Of these accidents, nearly 40,000 are fatal. The dangers of driving make it imperative that you purchase and install a safe and effective car seat for your child. Defective or malfunctioning seats may cause your child to sustain serious injuries, or may cause death, in the event of an accident.If you’re looking for more tips, auto defects has it for you.

Defects and Recalls

Child car seats are a commonly recalled product. Millions of seats have been taken off of the market for faulty mechanisms, such as:

-Buckling devices


-Inadequate seat padding

If you are currently using a recalled car seat, stop using it immediately and contact the distributor. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be eligible to pursue compensation for any damages incurred by the defective seat. If consequences were minimal, it is still recommended that you contact the manufacturer and inform them of the problem. You may help save the life of another child.

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How Recalls Work

Before a recall is issued, many consumers must report the defective product. Unfortunately, in many cases, this means that hundreds of people are injured due to the defective or malfunctioning product. The number of cases and the severity of consumer injuries help manufacturers determine whether or not a recall would be financially beneficial for their business. Sadly, unless it is likely to save the manufacturer money in the long-term (by avoiding hundreds of personal injury lawsuits), the product will remain on the market.


If your child has been injured in an automobile accident, and you believe a defective car seat was part of the cause for injury, you may have grounds for filing a law suit against the manufacturer/distributor.