Impact Alcohol Consumption In Sexual Health- EVRNU

Many men mistakenly think that a few drinks can heighten their sexual prowess, but make no mistake: a drunk penis is not a happy penis. In the short run, too much alcohol may impact a man’s performance; and in the long run, it can play havoc with his penis health (as well as with his overall health.)Do you want to learn more? Visit EVRNU

Why is alcohol attractive?

First, there’s nothing wrong with a moderate amount of alcohol. As a matter of fact, numerous studies have indicated that there can be health benefits to regularly consuming reasonable amounts of wine or beer.

In addition, in social situations, most people are quite capable of handling a drink or two. In sensible quantities, a little alcohol can also relieve some tension and loosen a man up, both of which can be positive.

How much is too much?

While this article does not mean to imply that all alcohol use should be off-limits, it is important to realize that moderation, as with so many things, is key. However, when it comes to drinking, “how much is too much” is a question with an elusive answer. What is too much for one man may be perfectly fine for another. However, the National institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) defines a “low risk” drinker as a man who has no more than 4 drinks on any single day and no more than 14 drinks in a week.

This is a generalization and does not take into account many factors, including whether a person is on medication that may interact negatively with alcohol or whether he suffers from conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, etc. that can be impacted by alcohol use.

Drinking your sex life away

Too much alcohol can have a definite effect on one’s sex life.

-Down it goes. While a little “buzz” often makes a man feel more confident or sexy, this effect is short-lived; alcohol tends to ultimately “bring one down” both in energy and mood, so even if an initial rush makes a man feel like a conqueror, it’s very possible his penis will have “petered out” by the time it gets beneath the sheets. Worse, long term alcohol abuse can create more lasting erectile dysfunction issues, as nerve signal interference prevents the penis from remaining in an engorged state for as long as desired.

-Driven away. Sex drive can also be negatively impacted by alcohol in the long run. To a large degree, a man’s sex drive is related to testosterone levels. This is a bit oversimplified, but basically, the higher the testosterone, the more ready, willing and anxious a guy is to satisfy his sex itch. The owner of a drunk penis quickly finds that his testosterone levels have been depressed; his sex drive shifts into low gear, and the penis finds itself rarely taken out for any pleasurable excursions.

-Insensitivity runs rampant. Finally, long term drinking means a guy’s penis just doesn’t feel as good as it used to. Loss of some penis sensation is normal as men age, but a man who is a heavy drinker soon finds that his penis is becoming dulled and deadened to touch. The alcohol promotes nerve damage, which can make it harder and harder to get a penis to feel that unbelievable stimulation that it craves.

Watch the drinks.

The man who drinks too much should make a concerted effort to scale back or stop altogether, if for no other reason than to make sure that his penis remains in good working order.