Human Anatomy of the Ear-Info on Inner Ear

Everybody knows that the ear is one of the most vital organs of the human body that helps us hear sounds. Besides this, there is another important function that the human ear performs which many people are unaware of, and that is, helping us maintain our balance. Of the three parts of the ear; external ear, the middle ear and the inner ear, it is the inner ear that comprises of hearing and balance organs. The cochlea helps in hearing while the vestibular system helps in balance. Therefore, great care should be taken to maintain ear health otherwise it may lead to permanent hearing loss and balance problems.Inner ear infections are very common nowadays and if not treated properly can lead to other illnesses and diseases such as measles, mumps, meniere’s disease, acoustic neuroma, influenza, ototoxicity, perilymph fistula, vertigo, and so on. Inner ear infections are mainly caused by viruses and in some cases by bacteria.Do you want to learn more? Visit

Symptoms of inner ear infections

The most common symptoms are:




Ringing in the ear

Imbalance and hearing loss

Blurred vision

Body pain




Intolerance towards heat and cold

Flu-like symptoms.

However both viral and bacterial infections show the same signs but the treatments are different, therefore proper diagnosis is a must before treatment of inner ear pain related symptoms.

Some Natural Tips to maintain inner ear health

Include vegetables and fruits in your diet to help your overall health as well as that of your inner ear.Cut down on fats, salt, sugar, alcohol, aspirin, caffeine, tobacco and fried food as these substances can raise your cholesterol levels and high cholesterol levels can cause inner ear problems.Include protein rich food such as chicken, fish, cheese, lean red meat, eggs, legumes, tofu, and whey powder in your diet will help bring down the blood sugar to normal level, to make your immune system strong.Include ginger, garlic, turmeric, raw pineapple in your diet to help your immune system.Vitamins, manganese and natural herbs can be taken to maintain inner ear health, but only after consulting your doctor.