How To Train Your Dog-Some Insights

So, you’ve got the puppy and now you need to train it, or, you’ve rescued one from the kennels and it doesn’t quite behave how you would like it to. Now the new member of the family needs to learn how behave in its new environment. Who is the master? Well, that depends on how you develop your relationship with your dog. It is no good shouting at a dog and telling it what it has to do. When did you last hear a dog speak English. You need to let it know that you are leader, the top dog. It’s instinct is to find its place in the pack. You, through your actions, will teach your dog that you are the leader. Once this has been established, it will become subservient to you. Also, it will then be willing to do what you want it to do because it wants to please. The role it enjoys most is being able to please the master, you.see here

Some people, when they are out with the dog, think they are taking it out for a walk, when, in actual fact, it is the other way around. The dog is taking them for a walk. In other words, they are subservient to the dog and it is leading the owner. And they will be wondering why it so. Training your dog takes and effort. It is a lifetime relationship, at least the lifetime of the dog. Make it fun for both of you and each will be rewarded.

To train a dog, especially as a pup, must be backed up with praise, rewards and encouragement. Keep training short, fun and consistent. This will help develop the character of your dog. A routine needs to be created. One way of teaching a puppy when to do its business, is to realise that it only holds what it has drank for an hour or two. So, get in the habit of taking you puppy outside until he/she associates it with where he/she needs to go.

Dogs are creatures of habit, and, as you develop good habits with your dog, the more fun they will be to have around. Lots of patience, understanding and care is what’s needed. When you get your dog, it doesn’t know the rules or how to behave. Your dog runs on instincts and you need to learn how use these to your advantage. Your reward will be a warm welcome when you return home and unconditional love.