Flights in Costa Rica to La Fortuna

Costa Rica is known as one of the best places to go if you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of day to day life. If you are planing a trip to Costa Rica, below is a list of the top ten places to visit in no particular order: Volcan Arenal has been active since 1968. It has a perfectly shaped cone that pops out of the hills of Alajuela. You can hear loud explosions and gray mushroom clouds billowing out of the volcano top. You can also see boulders being ejected by the volcano and being slammed down the slopes. At night you can see a good lava show. Now this doesn’t happened every time and a lot of times there is heavy fogs and clouds blocking your visibility.Click here forĀ more info about flights in Costa Rica to La Fortuna.


Aviation service providers ensure the comfort of the crew as well as the passengers. Some of the services provided are refuelling arrangement, In Flight catering, CAA permission, Ground handling services, Hotel accommodation and transport arrangement for crew and passengers, Flight plan and weather briefs, professional assistance at airports and Air Charter services. The aviation service providers, assist the airlines in their administrative and operational requirements, act as an agent between the carrier, handling company, airports authority and the other service agencies, ensuring safety, quality and consumer satisfaction.


When you rent a turbo propeller, light, mid-size, super mid-size,heavy jets and airliners, for urgent business meeting, to transport time-sensitive cargo or for ambulance service,or any other sudden and sensitive reasons, it means that you have chartered a flight. A traditional airline sells individual seats, while an air charter business company focuses on the type of jet required.


If you want to avail a charter flight, but don’t have a specific company in mind, use a search tool. It would display websites that show price range for available air craft, charter operators and brokers who can arrange the travel for you. Most of the air charter providers do not own, aircraft, they connect to companies that own aircraft. If you wish to book an individual seat on a charter flight, the best method would be to contact a travel agent.



Charter flights lend the privacy required by business men. The negotiations and deals will remain a secret, which is not possible in a commercial flight. The members of an enterprise get to discuss and finalise their strategies at peace, on a charter flight. Charter flights also offer a possibility of confidential reservation and invoicing. Private charter flights offer, greater convenience and privacy to patients who are travelling, compared to commercial flights.


The stringent regulations imposed on air charter providers, ensure the safety of the travellers.

Timing your flight

You can decide the time of travel according to your commitments and then plan your return journey based on the appointments you have.

No check-in

You are relieved, of standing in line in a long queue and the trouble of reporting hours before to check-in. you could pass through the security and get on to the jet.

Travelling straight to the destination

The smaller size of the air craft which is chartered makes it possible to take off or land practically anywhere, and facilitates travel from and to your destination, directly. This reduces the travel exhaustion and allows you to save time, especially, for persons travelling for medical treatments. Professional airport assistance is not required, or would be minimal.


The aviation industry is witnessing a dramatic growth, with more number of people opting to travel by air, but people availing charter services are low, because of low awareness and fewer operators, which could change in the future.