Find Right Scrub Tops

If you work in a medical environment and you need to wear scrubs for work then you probably spend a lot of money on scrubs. You can save a lot of money when you buy scrub tops online but sometimes it’s hard to know how a top will fit if you don’t get to try it on. This can be a big problem for women. So if you’re a woman and you want to buy some scrub tops online so that you can save money but you don’t know if the tops will fit what can you do?

The best way to shop for hospital tops or any clothing online is to go by measurements. If you want to make sure that the uniform tops you like will fit you then you should get a tape measure and take your own measurements. Wear a thin tank top, or a light tee shirt or whatever you normally wear under your work tops and then measure your chest at the fullest point and then measure your waist. You should also measure how long your arm is from shoulder to wrist and how wide your shoulders are. Once you have these measurements you can use the size charts that are given on the websites that sell scrub tops to see what size hospital tops will fit you. scrub tops get more info here

The only way to really be sure that scrub tops will fit you is to check the measurements of the scrub tops against your measurements. If your measurements put you between two sizes it’s always a good idea to choose the next size up since you might want your work tops to be a little big so that you can put on a thicker shirt underneath them if you need to during the fall or winter.