Effectiveness Of Invisalign For Overbite and Underbite

Before talking about the effectiveness of Invisalign for overbite underbite, it is first important to understand what they actually mean. Overbite is a dental condition that occurs when the front teeth of a person stands too much over the lower teeth. When this condition occurs, it leads to immense pressure on the lower teeth, causing it to sink low into the gums on the upper portion of the mouth.

Underbite, on the other hand, occurs when the lower jaw of the patient is more prolonged than the upper jaw. This gives the person a jutting out lower jaw look. This effects the placement of the teeth and makes them fall over each other incorrectly. This incorrect setting of teeth also causes the person to have problems in speech and consumption of food. Underbite can be very severe in some cases and it is better to look for dental help as quickly as possible in such cases.From this sourceĀ what are the best treatments for underbite.

Treatment with Invisalign for overbite underbite is becoming quite popular these days. The bets part about Invisalign is that they are completely invisible. They also take less time to straighten your teeth. Invisalign are hugely popular amongst adults who find the concept of wearing metal braces hugely embarrassing and prefer to go for braces that are invisible to the public and allow them to lead their lives without the fear of teasing or jokes at their expense. Being discreet is the most important characteristic of Invisalign.

There are several cosmetic dentists who are qualified in treatment of Invisalign for overbite underbite in the UK. You can directly look for specialized dental clinics that offer cosmetic dental treatments. Dentists have to be trained to undertake an Invisalign for overbite underbite treatment.

Though the time taken for treatment differs from person to person, it can be said that the average time usually taken in such cases is around 18 months. Thus, in the matter of a couple of months, Invisalign can help you get ride of your overbite or underbite problems.

Invisalign braces are not attached to the teeth like metal braces are. They are completely removable. In fact, you can remove the braces at the time of eating, drinking, flossing or brushing your teeth. This means that you will be able to maintain better oral hygiene unlike the cases where metal braces cause food particles to become stuck to the brackets. However, the Invisalign braces are required to be worn a minimum of 22 hours in a daily basis.

Overbite or underbite in a patient can occur due to a number of reasons such as genetics, wrong development of bone during younger years, bad oral habits etc. In most cases, overbite and underbite cause the gum problems and lead to several complications in the jaw structure, causing significant pain for the person suffering from it. Thus, Invisalign for overbite underbite is a very effective option for you if you are in a similar position. You are advised to contact your dentists today and discuss the effectiveness of Invisalign treatment for yourself.