Court Ordered Addiction Treatment

In some situations, an addiction is severe enough that court ordered addiction treatment is the only option available to save the addict’s life. Here are some circumstances that indicate forced rehab should be considered.helping a drug addict to send him to addiction treatment ¬†is one of the authority sites on this topic.

The Addiction Has Ruined the Addict’s Finances
Rapid deterioration of an addict’s financial situation is one of the first signs that a person’s drug or alcohol use is more than recreational. When a person loses their employment due to use of drugs or alcohol, it should be a wake-up call that something is seriously wrong. Unfortunately, addicts sometimes don’t accept the severity of the situation until all their money is gone and they find themselves doing dangerous or illegal things to get money to purchase more of the substance they’re addicted to.

Addiction Has Wrecked Social Relationships
Friendships end due to addiction when an addict’s behavior becomes dangerous or destructive. Sometimes an addicted individual will ruin a friendship by constantly asking the friend for money or even stealing from them. They may put a friend into a dangerous situation that is a direct consequence of their drug or alcohol use. Sadly, friends can become victims of drunken or drugged behavior including violence, assault, or drunk driving. It doesn’t take long for an addict to find that he or she has no friends.

The Addiction Has Adversely Affected the Addict’s Family Members
Family members, particularly the children of an addict, suffer greatly from the effects of addiction. When children are involved, this is often a tip-off to other relatives that court ordered addiction rehab is necessary. Addicts have been known to neglect family members in their care, place them in dangerous situations, or even steal money or assets from family members in their quest to feed their addiction. Love and support are not enough: addiction requires stabilization, detoxification, and often inpatient treatment.

The Addicted Individual Has Tried and Failed to Overcome the Addiction
Overcoming addiction is one of the hardest things to do. Many people attempt to overcome their addiction alone, and many of them fail. Repeated attempts to kick an addiction followed by relapses are an indication that court ordered addiction rehab is necessary for overcoming the addiction.