Choosing Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

There are many commercial industries that rely on refrigeration equipment to keep products or supplies in optimum condition. For instance companies working within the food industry need to store perishable products at set temperatures. is an excellent resource for this.Do you want to learn more? Visit this website

The pharmaceutical industries also have a need for refrigerated containers, in order to keep certain vaccines and medicines at their required temperature. This temperature needs to be accurately monitored and maintained using specialist equipment.

There are many different types of commercial refrigeration on the market. This cold storage equipment can be bought or hired; depending on how long it will be needed for and whether the customer wants to own their equipment.

New commercial refrigeration equipment may be the right solution for many. However, leased cold storage containers are kept to the highest standard and often come with the added benefit of a maintenance contract, so the customer can rest assured their equipment remains in good working order.

Temperature controlled containers come in all shapes and sizes. There are containers that are designed to stay in one place, as well as portable cold storage that can be transported to wherever needed.

Empty restaurant kitchen with professional equipment

For example there are mobile bar units available that are designed for short-term hire at events or launches and can be used to facilitate the promotion of a new chilled drink for instance. At the other end of the scale there are mega cold storage units that are often designed to stay in one place.

Mega cold storage equipment is commonly required for suppliers of large amounts of produce, such as the meat industry. With mega cold storage units the temperature can vary between -35c to + 35c. This large-scale equipment is most often used for chilling and freezing food items.

Commerical refrigeration units can contain remote temperature monitoring, in order to ensure that products being stored remain at the right temperature. This can be installed in both static and portable containers.

With Remote Euroscan Temperature monitoring you can access data through any internet connection. The technology also enables reporting functionality and centralised data archiving. Reports can be customised to specific requirements.

As well as refrigerated equipment, blast freezers can also be supplied for commercial refrigeration. These are available in a range of different sizes and capacities. They are sometimes housed in shipping containers, so can be transported if needed.

Container refrigeration units can also be stored outside, next to a building. They are ideal for blast freezing of fish, meat and pastry products or complete ready meals.

So if you are looking for commercial refrigeration on a mega or more portable scale, there are lots of options to choose from to ensure your supplies and produce are kept at the optimum temperature.