A Guide To Home Inspections for New Homes

A home purchase can be one of the most joyous yet stressful times of your life. Finding just the right home with the right Realtor is an important part of the exciting process of purchasing your new home. You may think that all of the major decisions are complete once you have identified the right home for you. However, many new home buyers might be surprised to learn just how important it is to also secure a good home inspector. This is one of the most important components of your real estate transaction but is frequently overlooked. It could mean the difference between living with peace of mind or buying a “money pit”. Do not underestimate the immense hassle and energy it will take to correct or rectify home defects after the real estate transaction is complete.Click here¬†home inspections for new homes

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There are numerous ways to find the right home inspector. One method is by way of a referral from your Realtor. He or she has been part of hundreds of home inspections and is a great source for finding a qualified inspector. Another way to go about finding a good home inspector is by doing your own research or by referral from friends and family.

According to some real estate professionals, Realtors and home inspectors may have conflicting objectives when it comes to the sale of a house. Because the Realtor’s goal is to achieve the sale, some believe that a Realtor’s energies are not necessarily focused on home defects. Good home inspectors have a single goal, to get you as much information as possible about the condition of the house so you can make an informed purchase decision.

While some in the real estate community are concerned that certain Realtors may only refer inspectors that will gloss over things in order to “push” the deal through and get more referrals from the Realtor, I have a much different perspective. Let me just say, I’ve been inspecting homes for over 19 years. I’ve been involved in over 8,000 inspections and I have to say, I just don’t see the conflict. In fact I feel just the opposite.

Almost all of a Realtor’s new business comes from referrals, and referrals come from happy clients. If the Realtor’s inspector referral results in a substandard home inspection, future problems with the home will no doubt come to light. This will result in angry complaints to the Realtor and possible legal action! Even if the problems point to a poor inspection, the Realtor will assuredly be named in the lawsuit. This actually incentivizes Realtors to refer only the best home inspectors. Likewise, a home inspector is more likely to be incentivized to do a thorough inspection to protect the Realtor who referred him the business.

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In some cases, a Realtor may recommend a client to more than one inspection company. It’s wise to call them all. Go to their web sites. Look over the inspector’s experience, education and background. Call and speak directly to each one. A good home inspector will be able and willing to easily answer all of your question.

Important questions to ask when choosing a home inspector:

How Experienced is the Home Inspector? Let’s face it, experience is probably the most important factor in choosing a professional in any industry. If the inspector has been in business for less than five years, chances are he or she has not seen the thousands of conditions that a more seasoned inspector has encountered. Your safe bet is to go with a seasoned home inspector with more than five years of field experience.

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Is the Inspector a Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors? This is the largest and oldest inspector membership organization in the United States. All members must abide by a strict code of ethics along with maintaining annual continuing education requirements. They must pass a rigorous test prior to acceptance. If the inspector tells you that he is a member, go to ashi.com and verify his membership. You can check your individual state associations to find a local home inspector or to find out more information about home inspections in your state.

What Kind of Report does the Inspector Furnish? The best type of report you can have is a comprehensive narrative style with pictures of important conditions. Some home inspectors uses a checklist-type of report. Do not settle for a home inspector who uses merely a checklist report, as it will not provide you with the information necessary to make a sound purchase decision.